Sign and Submit Transaction

Once an application is connected to Martian wallet via connect method, an app can request the user to sign and submit the transaction using window.martian.signAndSubmitTransaction()and it will return a Promise that resolves when the user accepts the request and reject (throw when awaited) when the user declines the request or request is not valid/fails. It takes one parameter listed below

  • Signed serialized Aptos RawTransaction serialized string

Below is an example code describing the way to sign and submit a transaction.

// Create a transaction
const response = await window.martian.connect();
const sender = response.address;
const payload = {
    function: "0x1::coin::transfer",
    type_arguments: ["0x1::aptos_coin::AptosCoin"],
    arguments: ["0x997b38d2127711011462bc42e788a537eae77806404769188f20d3dc46d72750", 50]
const transaction = await window.martian.generateTransaction(sender, payload);
const txnHash = await window.martian.signAndSubmitTransaction(transaction);

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